Ava White KIlled by 14 year boy with Rombo style Knife

Ava White murder have shocked the people of liverpool

A 14 year boy cann't be named as he is minor stabbed the girl over a snapchat row

Mrs Justice Amanda Yip told the boy that he might get life imprisonment for his crime

The boy told the jury he heard one of Ava's group threaten to stab his friend if he did not delete a video of Ava.

The boy told the judge that he just wanted to frigten the girl but accidentally he stabbed her.

But according to Ava friend ,the boy grinned after stabbing her and the fled

Boy lied and changed the statement every time when asked where he was at the time of murder

Initially he said he was playing video game with his friend then named some other boy stabbed her ,Finally accepting his cruel act

Its final that he will serve life imprisonment but time period is yet to be decided.