Bill Maher shows why Kids Are Becoming LGBTQ

On Real Time with Bill Maher, the HBO host have handled a fairly delicate subject during his "New Rule" section of the show, 

proposing the ascent of the LGBTQ people group is expected to a limited extent to the way that it's popular.

Maher noticed that a new Gallup survey shows a dramatic expansion in the individuals who self-distinguish as LGBTQ

and that individuals are permitted to inquire, "What's happening with that?'

“It wasn’t that long ago when adults asked a kid ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’,” he said. “They meant what profession.”

He then referenced a new ACLU finding that asserted the contention about fetus removal privileges influences LGBTQ individuals more than hetero couples. 

While recognizing that we ought to constantly be aware of regarding and safeguarding others, Maher said, "Somebody needs to say it

Maher then discussed the Grand Marshalls for the forthcoming Pride march in New York, none of whom are gay men.

"That is where we are currently - gay men are not hip enough for a Gay Pride march." He added, "Gay is essentially CIS, and CIS is for all intents and purposes Mormon."