Kate Mossto be testifies in Johnny Depp Amber heard trail

Kate Moss, who dated Johnny Depp during the 1990s, is supposed to be called to affirm as a counter observer by his legitimate group in the continuous preliminary among Depp and his ex Amber Heard

A source near Depp affirmed that Moss and Depp stay near this day.

Depp has sued Heard for $50 million charging that a 2018 commentary she wrote in the Washington Post criticized him, claiming the piece 

which didn't specify him by name - - dishonestly painted him as a victimizer. Heard has countersued Depp for $100 million, saying explanations his lawyer made calling her maltreatment guarantees a "deception" were disparaging.

Heard has affirmed on stand that she quickly pondered bits of hearsay connected with Moss at the time Heard and her sister were in a supposed quarrel with Depp.

"He swung at Whitney, and I'd heard a rumor, a vague rumor, about that," Heard testified on May 17.

1998 Rolling Stone article, Depp is quoted as saying that, in conversations with author Hunter S. Thompson, "I was with Kate, and I think he went straight for the romance jugular, s*** like whether I beat her enough. I probably told him, 'Yeah, she gets a severe beating.'"

Lets see where the trail leads as it has become world affair and who wins it ,Time will tell....although it is viewed by millions all over the glove